Space Situational Awareness

Utilizing Google Cloud Services

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) is the knowledge and characterization of all aspects of the space domain. SSA is a fundamental and critical component of space operations. The world’s increased dependence on our space assets requires a greater need for accurate, near real-time knowledge of all space activities. Key areas of SSA include improved tracking of small objects, determining the intent of maneuvering spacecraft, identifying all potential high risk conjunction events, and leveraging non-traditional sensors in support of the SSA mission.

SpaceNav delivers SSA expertise to both commercial and government customers. Our focus areas include collision risk management, realistic state uncertainty for sparsely tracked objects, and non-traditional sensor data fusion. SpaceNav’s latest technology is a cloud-based software system leveraging the Google cloud environment, which turns around optimized collision mitigation solutions in minimal time. Satellite operators can access numerous SSA applications via the secure website, such as collision risk assessment, GPS-based orbit determination, and space weather analysis.

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